Our Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser keeps all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils intact.

Add ambiance and fragrance, creating a spa aromatherapy haven in your surroundings.

The Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser from Gentle Breezes™ spreads your favorite Essential Oil fragrance for more than 7 hours. Experience the exquisite bliss of 100% essential oil aromatherapy in a soothing spa environment. The ambient and soothing fragrance mist will tingle your senses and will bring absolute peace of mind and body, melting away tension, or stress after a hard day’s work.


One of the best aspects of diffusing essential oils for therapeutic benefits is that they are able to enter and leave the body with high proficiency, leaving no toxins behind. If you are looking for a healthier way to live or to treat existing conditions holistically, essential oils are the best way to go.
  • London Oriental Spa with Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser


When essential oils are used with the Essential Oil Diffuser from Gentle Breezes™ you get the best experience possible. By dispersing fine microscopic essential oil and water particles into the air the benefits of essential oils are directly absorbed through inhalation. This is the most beneficial way to use essential oils.


What sets our ultrasonic essential oil diffuser apart?

  • The aroma diffuser has 7+ hours of continuous use capability.
  • Easy to operate buttons makes working it a breeze
  • There are 7 changing or steady mood lightning options.
  • New patented and replaceable ceramic disk
  • BPA-Free Polymer plastic for extra safety.
  • Our aromatherapy diffuser can handle citrus and other acidic essential oils.
  • Silent Auto Shut-Off when water runs out.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty on all parts.

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