Gentle Breezes™ Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Bring nourishing moisture and relaxing essence to your home with our Gentle Breezes ™ Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser.
We believe our Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser will give you total satisfaction when you read the following instruction and safety information before using.

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  1. Top Cover – Splash Retainer  
  2. Water Tank
  3. Power Socket
  4. AC Adaptor 100-240V – 50/60 Hz
  5. 7 Color Auto or Manual LED Changer Button
  6. On/Off Button
  7. Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducer
  8. Led Lights
  9. Air Outlet
  10. Maximum Water Level



WarningEven when the electrical appliances are powered off, most electrical parts are still electrically operating. When using the unit, especially when children are present, comply with the basic safety precautions and as follows:

  • Keep and store the unit in a safe and dry place to avoid falling or dropping into water or other liquids.
  • Operate the device on a flat surface to reduce the chance of falling over
  • In case the unit accidentally gets tipped over, water will fall out, and it will shut off automatically. Disconnect the main power-supply immediately
  • Pour out the remaining water and unplug the unit after use.
  • Place the unit out of reach of children
  • Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is used by, on, or near children, or physically challenged persons.
  • Unplug from power source (main) before filling the unit with water.
  • Do not operate without water. Turn off the unit when the tank is empty.
  • Never fill the water cavity directly from the water tap, as this may damage the unit
  • For aromatherapy, add 5-10 drops of essential oil into the water tank
  • Use of good quality essential oil is recommended to get the best results
  • When the appliance is in operation, do not open the top cover and splash cover; otherwise water will spill out.


  • Switch off the unit and unplug the power jack from the control unit before moving or cleaning the unit
  • Do not touch the ultrasonic transducer while the unit is plugged in as it can result in burns
  • Do not immense the unit in water or other liquids
  • Never fill the water tank with alcohol, other chemicals or corrosive fluid which may cause damage to the unit
  • This appliance is intended for HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY. Use the unit only for its intended use described in this instruction manual. Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Please switch off the unit and disconnect it from the main power supply immediately when the unit gives out strange smells or abnormal noises. Please contact Gentle Breezes Customer Service.
  • If the unit arrived damaged in any way, please call or email us and we will arrange to send you  a replacement.
  • Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment
  • There are no user serviceable parts. Do not disassemble the unit.


  • Place the Aroma Diffuser on a firm and flat surface, in the upright position. Take out the adapter from the socket
  • Take off the cover from the water tank.
  • Add water to the water tank with a cup until the water level is right above the water level guideline as shown.
  • Add the right amount of essential oil.
  • Close the cover connect the adapter to the wall socket and enjoy the misty fragrance


  • Do not operate without water. Turn off the unit when the water tank is empty.
  • Never fill the water tank directly from the water tap or put water into the air outlet; it could cause damage to the unit.
  • In case of water exceeding the max water guideline, pour out the excessive water using the water outlet
  • Attach the splash cover to the main body properly.
  • Attach the top cover back to the main body correctly.
  • For aromatherapy, add 3-5 drops of essential oil into the water cavity directly. (Never add to the transducer directly).


  • Connect the power jack of the adaptor to the base unit and then connect the adaptor to the power source.


  • Unplug the adaptor from the power source and then detach the power jack from the base unit.


gentle-breeze2LED Control Button –Left

  • Press the LED button once, singular color mode comes on.
  • Press the LED button again, and you can manually switch between 7 colors and turn color mode off.
  • Press the LED button once again, both the right light and the left indicator will shut off.

You may press the LED button to switch on or off light independently. That means lighting and misting can be controlled separately.


gentle-breeze1Mist Button – Right
Continuous misting mode

  • Press the mist button once, the middle LED indicator light turns on and mist comes out continuously. The colors will also change automatically. The unit will switch off automatically when the water level is low.


Stop humidifying

  • Press the right button once again; the right indicator and the mist will shut off. But the night-light and the left indicator will not change.


  • The LED function and the mist function could be controlled through the two buttons separately. When the unit is humidifying, the LED can be turned on or off. When there is no water left both LED and mist will be turned off as a safety feature.
  • Please keep other home appliances away from the unit. Otherwise, the home appliance may cause damage.
  • For better performance it is recommended to keep the inside of the water container clean.





  • Empty the water tank. Wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Every week, use a cotton ball to wipe the ceramic metal part of the ultrasonic transducer at the bottom
    of the water tank with sanitary alcohol.(NOTE: DO NOT wipe the casing with sanitary alcohol; Use mild detergent instead.)
  • After 15 to 20 days of use, if the appliance doesn’t spread mist or spray little mist, clean the transducer as described in the previous step.
  • Switch off, unplug the unit and pour out all water from the water tank after use. Dry the appliance thoroughly before storage.
  • Clean the appliance after a long period of storage. Store in a dry place.


gentle-breeze4 gentle-breeze3



Probable Cause


No mist generated
Mist intensity is weaker than before
No water or very little water in the tank. Switch off the Aroma Diffuser. Fill water into the water tank and try again.
Water tank is overflowed. Switch off the Aroma Diffuser. Pour the excessive water out of the tank.
7 to 8 hours of operation period is complete. Press the start button again on the right to restart unit.
Water shortage protection sensor and/or ultrasonic transducer not cleaned properly and covered with dirt. Please clean them properly as mentioned above.
The essential oil ingredient is not of good quality . Try another essential oil brand and apply to your water.
Moisture is fully around the Aroma Diffuser and desk Relative humidity is too high or temperature is too slow and leads to vapor condensation quickly. Adjust the air conditioner temperature slightly higher or relocate the aroma diffuser.
Wind blows the mist back to the Aroma Diffuser and condense on the surface. Reposition the Aroma Diffuser to accommodate the wind blow direction.


  • Wash your hands immediately after using essential oil.
  • Keep the ultrasonic diffuser and essential oil out of reach of children. The essential oils should be kept far away from any flame.
  • Oils should be kept away from children! Should a child swallow essential oils, give the child milk, or cream to dilute the oil and contact a doctor immediately.
  • Never take essential oils internally. Never apply essential oils directly to eyes or ears.
  • Do not splash essential oils into eyes. Once essential oils splash into the eyes, rinse eyes with clean water and contact a doctor immediately.
  • When pregnant, or having high blood pressure and/or epilepsy, consult your medical advisor first before using essential oils.
  • Take extra caution if you wear contact lenses. Some essential oils may damage the surface of the lens so make sure you wash your hands after using essential oils and before handling contact lenses


Product Name Gentle Breezes ™ Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
Model Name Obelisk
Operation Mode 7 – 8 hours continuous mode
Water tank Capacity Around 120ml (approx.)
Ultrasonic Frequency 1.7 MHz +/-0.1 MHz
Unit Dimension Ø 135 mm x 170mm height
Power Consumption 12 Watts
Power Adaptor (Input) AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Adaptor (Output) DC12V, 0.6A
Adaptor Power 12 Watts