This eBook will take you on a journey of discovery about the amazing uses and benefits of essential oils.

On this tour, you will learn a bit about the history of essential oils from ancient to modern times. We will also share with you information about what essential oils actually are, some of the effects they have on one’s health and wellness, and the benefits of blending certain combination of essential oils for a richer aroma.

There is a “language” of essential oils that is used to identify key elements, blends, and categories. We will help you become familiar with that language, and share with you some helpful tips about blending essential oils for use in your Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.

The list of ingredients used for blending essential oils is diverse. Blends are made from essences of flowers, herbs, spices, tree bark, and other ingredients.

The uses of essential oils are as diverse as their contents. For instance, are you aware that essential oils are used to:
Free Essential Oil Recipes for Diffuser E-Book

  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Increase focus
  • Ease (or eliminate) headaches
  • Enhance the meditation experience
  • Calm a restless or stressed mind
  • Treat dry skin
  • Enhance a romantic mood
  • Cleanse the air

Finally, we will share with you some recipes for blending your own essential oils, as well as tips on diluting and bottling the blended oils and using them in combination with an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser.

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  1. Thank you excited to learn some recipes

    • Glad to provide you the recipes. It will be fun.

  2. Can’t wait to see the recipes

    • Hope you enjoy them.

  3. I tried to sign up for the free ebook and it said the mailing list was no longer active. How can I get the download?

    • Now available. Please follow the process after clicking the link. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

  4. I absolutely love my Gentle Breezes Diffuser! It does everything it advertises to do and it is one of very few diffusers that actually last 7 hours! I would highly recommend it to all!

    • Thank you for the recommendation!

  5. Wish the light could be turned off.

    • we are working on that feature at this moment..

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